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OPERATION WORLD - Go to and sign up for daily pray emails that will help you & your family pray for a different country each day.

SPONSOR a CHILD - Begin the monthly commitment of sponsoring a child with your family through World Vision or Compassion International. Raise money or give up something together as a family - eating out, allowances, etc. - to raise the approx. $30 a month.

REFUGEES - Partner with Preemptive Love Coalition to help refugee families. You could…

  • Raise $50 to provide six chickens for a displaced family.
  • Partner with a few other families to raise $300 to provide two sheep for a displaced family!
  • Check out their website for more ideas!


SECOND HARVEST According to Second Harvest Food Bank, $10 a month provides up to $90 worth of groceries to families, kids, and seniors in our community. How many families do you think your family could help out? Raise money by not eating out, giving up allowances, holding a garage sale, etc.

HOPE As a family, pick 7 things a week from around the house that you want to donate to HOPE, a local organization committed to helping and preventing homelessness.

LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS Jesus said to love our neighbors, so maybe we should get to know them! Choose one neighbor a week and give up one night a week to invite them over for dinner, dessert, or a game night.

LIFE CARE CENTER Sacrifice a few hours a week to volunteer at Life Care Center, a nursing home in Orlando. A great opportunity for kids of all ages! Check out or talk to Elizabeth Burgess for more details.


TIME SWAP Commit as a family to give up 15-30 minutes of TV, computer, or iPad time a day and replace it with 15-30 minutes of time spent praying for other people, or issues around the world.

LOVE CHALLENGE Have your family pick one person each day - the mailman, a teacher, neighbor, family member, stranger, or friend - to intentionally bless through an encouraging note or text, a small gift, a random act of kindness, etc.

PRAYER Make a list of friends and family and draw a name each day of Lent. Pray for that person together before dinner each night, and then send them a card or text, letting them know that your family prayed for them.


What are some of YOUR ideas for the best Be Love Project ever? Spend some time dreaming, talking, and praying together as a family! What are some creative ways you can give up something to give to others?

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